問い合わせと励ましのお便り 2


Dear Rev. Ueda,
I write on behalf of the staff of CCA along with the Members of the General Committee which just met here in Chiang Mai.
We got the shocking news that an 8.9 magnitude earthquake followed by aTsunami hit northern Japan at 1446 local time 0546 GMT today.
BBC news described the area hit to be about 250 miles (400 kilometers) north of Tokyo with a depth of 20 miles, with the tsunami followed hitting the Miyagi and Fukushima prefectures.
Initially, 20 people were reported to be injured in Tokyo. CCA would like to express our sympathy for the victims and our prayers and solidarity support for the entire Japanese people, especially the churches and NCCJ.
Please give us advise on how CCA and the Asian churches can offer practical support.We pray that God's love and protection will be with the people of Japan at this critical time.
Yours in faith and solidarity,
General Secretary

Dear Rev. Ueda,
I'm very sad to hear about the earthquake and the stunami hit Japan this afternoon. I pray that God gives you, NCCJ and churches in Japan strength in this difficult time.
Prawate Khid


Dear Reverend Ueda,
We watched helplessly and with deep concern and horror as your country reeled following the strong earthquake and the tsunami.
The devastation is terrifying and the loss to life and property indeed grievous.
Even as we continue to keep watch, let me convey our most sincere solidarity with you and to all the sisters and brothers in Japan at this time.
We reach out to you in prayer and we share the pain of loss. We pray that God in Jesus Christ will cast the comforting hand to you especially at this time and that we shall remain steadfast in hope.
May those who work to rescue, clear the debris and rebuild remain strong. We will sustain our prayers and support for you all and will be very interested in updates.
May your people rise from this sad state and soon.



A letter of concern to brothers and sisters in Japan
With great alarm and sorrow we have been listening to the news about the severe tsunami that struck the northwest coast of Japan today, following the strong earthquake that took place off the coast.
This tsunami is a great tragedy, causing much destruction, but even worse, fear and heartache within your people, many who will suffer grief and shock throughout this time and in the days ahead.
The members of the PROK send our sincere condolence and assurances of prayers to sustain you throughout this period. Our ancestors in the faith endured such tragedies.
Psalm 46 describes a situation when, “the earth gives way and the mountains fall into the heart of the sea.” But the people of faith were still able to say, “God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble.”
We pray for community courage and faith for the people of Japan and particularly those communities in the path of these terrific and terrifying forces, that you will all know the strengthening presence of God surrounding you.
As our two countries are very close neighbours, we take this opportunity to reach out our hands to you in support.
If we can be of assistance in practical ways, please allow us to do so.

Rev. Bae Tae Jin
General Secretary
Presbyterian Church in the Republic of Korea


To Our Brothers and Sisters of the National Christian Council in Japan:
Peace and grace in the name of Jesus Christ. We are shocked and greatly saddened as we watch the news from Japan. You and your ministries are in our fervent prayers in the wake of the March 11 earthquake and tsunami. We are also in prayer for Japan as a people in this time of crisis. The General Board of Global Ministries has long and highly valued mission partnerships in Japan and a deep affection for its people.
Please keep Global Ministries informed on your situations and tell us about the impact of the disaster on your programs.
We hope you have experienced no loss of staff or constituents, and little or minor property damage.
Our United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) is working with partner agencies to determine a course of response in keeping with the relief priorities and our capacity. We have set up a Pacific Emergency Advance, #3021317 as a conduit of contributions toward relief and rehabilitation.
We made it broad since we do not yet know about tsunami damage in the larger region. May God strengthen your faith in this time of uncertainty and fear.
May you also gain strength from the awareness that you are part of a global mission family, that we are united in God’s love, lovingly serving God’s people.
Together in mission,

Thomas Kemper
General Secretary
The General Board of Global Ministries


Dear Rev. Hiroko Ueda,
We are following the events in Japan in great shock and dismay.
Atthis time of difficulty, distressed, confusion, and loss we would liketo assure you that our thoughts and minds are with you. The churches in Asia are praying for the churches and the people of Japan. As a token of solidarity of Asian churches, we intend to send you USD10.000 for supporting the ecumenical response of Japanese churches to the devastation brought about by the very poweful tsunami. Please advice and let us know the bank information of NCC Japan so that wecan transfer the fund as soon as possible.
May God strengthen you and the churches in Japan, and grant you all faith and hope to cope with this very difficult situation.
Sincerely yours,
Ery Rev. Dr. Henriette Hutabarat Lebang
General Secretary
Christian Conference of Asia


Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
At this tragic and heartbreaking time in Japan, the Hong Kong Christian Council sends its deepest condolence and prayers to your nation and its people.
The magnitude of the destruction from the March 11 earthquake and tsunami is overwhelming with the devastating loss of precious lives and even whole cities.
It is difficult for us to comprehend the pain and suffering that you are experiencing, yet as one body in Jesus Christ, please know that we weep with those who weep (Rom. 12:15).
As Hong Kong and Japan have many links and relationships, we are ready to assist you in any way we can help during this crisis. We are sure that NCCJ and its partner churches are responding with full force to minister to the nation.
We stand with you in faith, hope and love as you face the days ahead, and pray that God will give you all safety and the peace that passes understanding as you recover and rebuild your lives.
Yours in Christ,
Rev. Po Kam-Cheong
General Secretary


Our hearts are sore and our minds troubled with thenews coming from Japan. We have many United Church people in Canada whowant to express their concern. Let us know as know as soon as you beginyour fundraising.
Take good care.
Pat Elson Partners in MissionUnited Church of Canada


Our hearts and prayers go out to you and your people. At difficult times likes these Japan and the world needs God's strength more than ever. We pray that God will place his hand on you and give you strength and courage and that he will unite his people to aid and comfort the people of Japan. As brothers in Christ our hearts are with you, but we cannot imagine the suffering that your people are going through.
We make our financial donation through our local Red Cross but I feel empty and wish I could do more. I offer my Love and if I could be of any assistance please feel free to contact me.
I pray that the Lord will guide you in ministering to the suffering people of Japan and want you to know that God's people everywhere are praying for you. For those that have lost their lives, I pray that they be with Jesus in Heaven and I pray for the families left behind.
Get God's word to the people and let them know he loves them.
God Bless!
Jim & Lilly Denney


Present Action

Dear Friends and Ecumenical Partners in Christ,

Your generous gifts and prayerful support in response to the enormous humanitarian needs following the devastating destruction brought on by the earthquake and tsunami that struck the entire northeastern coast of Japan nearly two weeks ago have been received with much gratitude. Now we are confronted with the additional specter of the worst nuclear disaster in Japan since the end of WWII.

This week we have been successful in holding consultations with our national church partners and member organizations to determine our mutual priorities for a cooperative relief effort. We will be coordinating both the distribution of relief materials to the areas suffering the worst damage and locating temporary housing for those who lost homes due to the earthquake and tsunami as well as those now displaced from the area most exposed to radiation from the damaged nuclear plants.

We have become an indispensable hub for sharing information and dispatching goods and personnel to the worst-hit areas in coordination with the newly established Christian Coalition in Sendai which includes the United Church of Christ in Japan (Kyodan), The Evangelical Alliance Mission (TEAM), various other Protestant bodies and the Roman Catholic Church. The Sendai coalition is using the Emmaus Center which also serves as the Tohoku (NE) District office and Student Center of the Kyodan as its base of operations. As NCCJ Acting General Secretary, Rev. Hiroko Ueda will be making a personal visit tomorrow to consult with the coalition in order to determine the most crucial needs. In principle, NCCJ is seeking to make the most effective use of gifts from overseas ecumenical partners in providing relief for those who are marginalized and have no other channel of support as we continue to consult with our member churches to determine priorities and avoid needless duplication.

Our office is now in the process of finding available housing for internally displaced persons through our national network of churches and organizations. Our home page will be providing regular updates (mostly in Japanese) with occasional English messages. Please contact us if you have any questions or need for further information.
You can use the addresses on this letterhead or email directly to: relief@ncc-j.org
Our home page is simply: http://ncc-j.org

In Christian love, Rev. Isamu Koshiishi, Moderator
Rev. Hiroko Ueda, Acting General Office Secretary


問い合わせとお励ましのお便り 1






Dear colleagues,

Since today morning we have been hearing the news on the terrible earthquake in Japan, followed by the tsunami. We hope, that all the colleagues of your organizations, based in Japan, are safe along with their families.
We shall be grateful to hear from you with a situation report.
Best regards

Sudhanshu S. Singh
Regional Programme Officer- Asia & the PacificACT Alliance Secretariat


Dear Sir/Madam,
Let me introduce my self. I work for Christian Aid in London( the relief and development agency of the Churches in the UK and Ireland).
We are a member of the ACT Alliance. After hearing the devastating news of the Tsunami and earthquake, first of all, I would like to express my heartfelt condolences and sympathy.
In this time of distress, I am aware that how challenging this would be for your organisation and the communities in Japan, especially for the Tsunami and earthquake affected communities.
Please, could you let me know how NCC Japan is planning to respond to this crisis? I am fully aware that your team members will be extremely busy now.
Christian Aid works in more than 50 countries (developing countries) for relief and development. We had bid relief and rehabilitation programme after the Asian Tsunami in 2004.
Any updates from your organsation will be much appreciated and this will help Christian Aid to understand the situation and to explore possibilities of future engagement with NCC Japan, if required. Thanks.
With Best Regards

Dr. Michael Paratharayil
Regional Emergency Manager
Central and South East Asia and Middle East
Humanitarian Division


Greetings from New Zealand.
At this time of a major disaster in your country I write to assure our prayers and support to you and the church in Japan. We are with the people of Japan in our thoughts and Spirit.
We continue to remember the people of Japan in our prayers. We have just experienced a disaster due to an earthquake in Christchurch. We know the magnitude of the pain and suffering of the people.
Please let us know if we could be of help in any way.
I have also written to Rev. Hiroko Ueda who was in Chiang Mai last week attending the General Committee Meeting of the CCA with me.
I am the New Zealand member in the General Committee of the CCA.Our church wishes to send a small donation towards the relief work in Japan.
Please write to the Rev. David Bush, the General Secretary of the Methodist Church of New Zealand on davidb@methodist.org.nz to make contact with him.
With our prayers and kind regards,

Rev. Prince Devanandan
Superintendent -
Manukau District Synod
Methodist Church of New Zealand


Dear friends in Japan,
I have been shocked by evey news about the 8.8 magnitude quake and the aftereffects.
Attached you will find the NCCK word of Consolation on Japan stucked by magnitude quake.
We are with you suffering from this calamity, and pray for that God's peace be with you and you will recover from the bitterness.
In God's peace.

Heawon Chae

"Comfort, comfort my people’, says your God"(Isaiah 40:1)
We have been very shocked with heartbreaking by the news that the 8.9-magnitude quake struck off northeastern Japan and many people lost their lives as well as uncountable damages have been spreaded due to after-quakes followed for hours.
We express deep consolation for people in Japan in confusion with deaths and damages caused by massive earthquake which human being only cannot be escapable, and pray that God's consolation and guidance be with the victimized suffering in pain and fear.
We know that despite of many cases of earthquake in the past in Japan, the people in Japan have well overcome those dangerous threats with the presence of mind and wise measurement. We are sure that even for this time your people will gather to win against this tremendous disaster.
All Christians in Korea express our deep solidarity with people in Japan suffering from this disaster, and hope that you take this calamity as the developing opportunity for the future. During the Lent which we celebrate God's Grace who bears all the suffering of the world for the sake of lives, Korean Christians join in the suffering experienced by Japan and pray that the risen Christ brings a miracle of a new life to all in Japan.

March 11th, 2011
Rev. Kim Young Ju
General Secretary
Rev. Lee Hae-
Chair of Justice and Peace Committee

Dear Reverends Koshiishi, Naito, and Songwan,
It is with deep sorrow and sadness to hear the loss of lives and enormous damage to properties caused by earthquake and tsunami that struck the Northeastern coast of Japan.
We will hold you and the entire Japanese people in our thoughts and prayers as you go through this difficult time in Japan's history.
As the United Church and churches in Japan has a long history of partnership, please be assured of our continuing solidarity and accompaniment and as a partner, we would like to know the kind of support we can extend to our brothers and sisters and how best we can respond to this difficulty.
Also, we would like to request for a more detailed information as to the extent of devastation, the need on the ground and how our brothers and sisters are coping, so we can write a story that we can put up on our website to update our members who are holding the Japanese people in their hearts and prayers. May God give you strength and courage to deal with this profound situation.
Peace and blessings,

Josie Forcadilla
Program Assistant
Asia Pacific Partnerships
Partners in Mission
The United Church of Canada


韓国教会から支援 Support from Korean Diakonia

3月17日(木)に韓国希望奉仕団(Korean Diakonia)のキム・ジョンセン総務とイ・インス海外担当幹事がNCC本部を訪問してくださいました。
On March 17th, Rev. Kim Jong Saeng and Rev. Lee In Su of Korean Diakonia visited NCCJ.
Receiving their cordial prayers and supports, we conferred on future's earthquake disaster reconstruction.
From left, Rev. Kim Jong Saeng, Korean Diakonia Secretary-General, Rev. Hiroko Ueda, NCCJ Acting General Office Secretary, Rev. George Gish, NCCJ Vice Moderator.